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About Us

We are SuperExcells, a Humanitarian Company that believes in Supreme opportunities will always happen to those who persevere. This is what we are made of. 
Please allow us to explain why, we believe in caring and why we do our best to provide you the best service in everywhere you need us in this world. This is how we dedicate and give back our care to those who helped us the most. 

Our Story 

In the year of August 8,2008 my life was put to test of courage, faith, and endurance. I had a massive near death heart attack, the heart attack was called widow heart attack meaning 100% blockage deadly with 1% chance to live. I was among “the” 1 % that lived. I was very lucky but had a hard time recuperating. 
My confidence of trying to live in-spite of my 12/15 Ejection Fraction stage made me fight and find ways how to get better and improve my condition. I did not give up even thou I can’t cross the street without breathing so hard with full sweat. 

I researched to find ways how I could improve my breathing, Oxygenate with Oxygenium Therapy with Medical OzoneLife 02-03 . This was the start of my recovery my ejection fraction got better and went up to 35/40.
My heart muscle partly had died during the heart attack, but now I was able to gain collateral muscles with doing Yoga Breathing and using these machines that I sell, I’m able to climb mountains and drive to higher elevations it’s because of OzoneLife 02-03.

My recovery 

Each day was a struggle and blessings at the same time, my body had gained muscles, my energy was increasing, my brain was more receptive and sharp. Celebrating my wellness, I had committed to myself a compelling desire to help and share to those whom who had suffered like me before
One of my goals was helping them to reverse their conditions using my Protocol techniques. 


The first person that needed to be persuaded was me, I made a commitment to myself of no matter what, I will not give up and this is what I did. My only instrument was my honest words to approach my previous European boss to help me. I was broke with zero income. 
I was relying on government aids, I had nothing. I prayed and asked God to heal me because my body is the only thing that I got. Each day I was blessed with healing and healthy body, although it was really tough. I was able to persuade more people to try the healing and persevere, I was not asking any payment no matter how financially broken I was. I directed People where to buy the best healing herbs and supplements, they gave me money to buy the Naturopathic Medicine from Dr. Devansh Bansala (DROrganicproducts.com) from India. They wanted to buy for their supplements to help heal their body. Most of them got well and became healthy like me. 
I started training our Professional buyers of these machines we are now successfully selling and most of them including their patients got better and had remissions of their Metabolic Syndromes. 

Synergistic Protocols 

With Collaboration with Dr. Devansh Bansala we both had expanded our missions to help people with online help. These people are poor, they have no money to buy so we research what medicinal plants are available in the Philippines and have them harvested for healings. We outsource for free of our OzoneLife 02-03 machines to help the needy heal fast. 

OzoneLife 02-03 Dynamics 

We believe food is the best medicine in combination the dynamics machines we sell provides rapid oxygenated capabilities to heal resonating with Ultrasound. Healing Lasers, Radio Frequency powered with OzoneLife 02-03 Plasma Activation. All of our Dynamic Machines relates to Ancient Asian Healing targeted with Sensory resonance which finds ailing parts of the body needed to heal. 

Our Service 

If you are the person wants to help and earn substantial customized ROI and learn free from us . You are always welcome To subscribe and contact us anytime at your convenience. 

Thank you for your time, 
Rubi Valera and Dr.Devansh Bansala DROrganicproducts.com

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