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Hyperbaric 02-03 Therapy Benefits Side Effects Uses For Cancer

Hyperbaric 02-03 Therapy Benefits Side Effects Uses For Cancer

Hyperbaric 02-03 therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen+03 Ozone Life 02-03 therapy, A Smart application with a new innovative dynamics of oxygen+ with 03 meaning Ozone Life. This Plasma Activated Dynamic is not only accelerates oxygenation, it also accelerates the amount of our natural ozone found in every humans and animals of living White blood cells. We have 03 in our bloodstreams, Group of researchers have finally discovered during their massive search of what is that substance in the white blood cells that gives our body the natural healing capabilities and how it functions to our immune system.

 Why we still get sick?

We get sick because due to environmental toxic pollutions we breathe and eat the food sprayed with toxic fertilizers, abusive lifestyle and toxic diet that can cause blockages in the lymph nodes that filters our toxins in the body. These clogged lymph nodes can be felt like stones around the neck to shoulders and face. The ozone in the white cells gets lessened and defeated due to blockages of lymph nodes and lack of oxygen. This is the reason why free radicals were winning in destroying the immune system through lipid peroxidation, infecting cell tissues and being invaded with metabolic syndrome.

What is the solution?

Ozone (03) is the protectant to-our body especially in the brain. Ozone Life 02-03 dynamics is created with ambient Oxygen from the atmosphere plus the Plasma Activated device attached to the ozone generator to create drinkable oxygenated safe water called Oxygenium Therapy Ozone 03 changes the Bio Modifier respond to the body. It is active friendly oxidants to the body and environmental conditions. 03 have 3 nucleus that have each 18 electrons that finds pairs and eats the free radicals wherever these Ozone Life 02-03 passes throughout while it rapidly gets in to the cells to heal fast, disinfect and purify the body and the surrounding atmosphere.


  1. Drinking with higher milligrams of Ozone Life 02-03 Water.
  2. Insufflations bath in a tub will allow the body replenish with oxygen that was deprived from free radicals and it also functions as detoxification process. This is also provides a very relaxing feeling while releasing tensions and pains in the inflamed tissues.
  3. Sauna with Ozone Life 02-03 can induce sweating the fastest way in augmenting and releasing toxins throughout the pores. This is the most effective application of Ozone Life 02-03 Healing.
  4. Hyperbaric Therapy is also the best process in helping the brain to boast the healing of telomerase and calm the mind, balance the healing capabilities of oxygen 03 Therapy. The client will be to focus with their consciousness and eventually clear their minds after the treatment process. Most Corporate Professionals loved this therapy, this will allow their brains to be creative with their projects and feel stressless in matters of decisions.
  5. This device is a miracle healer. It is excellent for healing, oxygenating loosening calcified blockages in the pineal gland and helps soothe inflammation in the Cranial/Sacral.
  6. Poultice Therapy is an old technique used by Naturopathic Ayurveda Practitioners in India. It is a treatment using Himalayan herbs that is mixed with macerated warmth herbs with 4000 mg. of Ozone Life 02-03 water placed on the area of inflammation to soothe the pain, this poultice left inside the hyperbaric, which will allow the treatment to become more effective.

Ozone 02-03 is a natural anti-biotic to our body without harmful contraindications that kills the harmful bacteria and keeps the friendly bacteria in our body. The treatments can accelerate wound recovery and heal Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Diabetes, Infections, Injuries and Pains from Arthritis and many more. The oxygen will help penetrate to the pores disinfecting the whole body while it infuses 02-03 for faster healing and replicates healthy cellular turnover to the body with the feel of total floating relaxation and the appearance of youthfulness. People who were suffering from cancer sweares the effects of relief with OzoneLife-02-03 therapy while also having the Hyperbaric Therapy. Each of us have different Immune fighting mechanisms, there are people that can heal faster and others heals slow due to severe damage of immune capabilities. Frequent Hyperbaric therapy can help speed up the repair of the immune system. The body will heal itself fast with the helping dynamics of Ozone Life 02-03.

When can you tell if you need Ozone Life 02-03 in your body?

If you feel sick and lethargic it means you have suffered dehydration or you may have blockages in your body, it may be caused by blockages of calcium deposits, calcified LDL Cholesterol in the Arteries or severe Inflammation. Too much toxins in the body can impede oxygen to pass through the veins and arteries, when you lack oxygen you will also lack 03 (Ozone) in the white blood cells. When these oxygen have not been supplied enough in the body it will cause cell death then your body will lack sufficient Oxygen and 03 to be able to fight the invasion of free radicals because your deprived with oxygen and 03 (Ozone) “the” most important elements in the white blood cells which is the protector of invading Pathogens and bacteria’s and free radicals. When tissues are injured and inflamed, the body essentially needs more oxygen and 03 heal normally. When you’re denying these 02-03 rescuer to fight these detrimental factors to continue your metabolic syndrome it will be your loss.

Why Hyperbaric Therapy is beneficial to our body and to the earth?

Having regular Hyperbaric therapy is very important because it increases oxygenation in your blood it can restore constant respiration to your organs’ cells tissue healing and high affectation of wellness. The most beneficial results of this hyperbaric therapy is an impeccable transformation in the fields of Stem-cell Therapy. This Ozone Life 02- 03 is a vehicle to total longevity in a sense of replicating changes of 03 fighting ozone in the White blood cells to accelerate the effectiveness of Stem-cell Therapy. This is how the body can improve the immune capabilities which make the stem-cells count healthy. We suggest with our client and guests to have five sessions of Hyperbaric prior to Stem-cell procedure. The therapy will definitely increase more healthy Stem-cell count for immune system to fight back the disease in body. Under these conditions pertaining on a Naturopathic Applications in Autoimmune healing the lungs with Ozone Life 02-03 can gather more oxygen at a normal phase. Your blood caries this Oxygen 02-03 throughout your body to fight and kill the Pathogens and bacteria successfully and help stimulates the release of substance called “growth factors” which then will help increase the numbers of stem-cells that extensively promotes healing. Sufficient supply of oxygenated-03 can help exceedingly win the fights of any catastrophic diseases or illnesses in the body.

Beneficial Healing

  1. Bubbles of radical air in the blood.
  2. Severe anemia
  3. Depression and Migraines
  4. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  5. Vertigo and deafness
  6. Crouching injuries
  7. Gangrene
  8. Infection of bone and skin
  9. Non healing of wounds that caused tissue death
  10. Radiation injuries
  11. Healing of skin grafts
  12. Vision loss due to hyperglycemia condition
  13. Helps control diabetes
  14. Activates Sluggish Immune System
  15. Accelerates successful Therapy in Oxygenium Treatments
  16. Excellent preventative Therapy for Cancer Treatment
  17. Allergies
  18. Asthma
  19. Cerebral Palsy’s
  20. Fibromyalgia Protocols Calming Alzheimer’s Protocols
  21. Calming Alzheimer’s protocols
  22. Immune Acceleration of cancers protocols
  23. Prevention of advanced HIV home protocols
  24. Depression protocols
  25. Kidney failure protocols
  26. Liver failure immune protocols

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